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potential venues

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The cats in their condo:
Uploaded Image: catsSmall.jpg

Here's amap of the grounds
Uploaded Image: map.jpg

This is the front entrance
Uploaded Image: front.jpg

Here's the pool room (it actually was once an indoor pool!) but not set up for a wedding in this picture.
Uploaded Image: dining.jpg

The terrace where we can have the ceremony, then they take away the chairs and it opens into the music room (next pic), so people can hang out.
Uploaded Image: terrace.jpg

The music room, where there's dancing. Also, if it rains and we can't have the ceremony on the terrace adjacent to this room, then the ceremony is in here.
Uploaded Image: musicrm.jpg

The view of the river from the terrace and the sunroom. Yes, there is a river under there.
Uploaded Image: river.jpg

The sunroom, where the bar will be set up.
Uploaded Image: sunroom.jpg

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