Wikipedia Project Status

Online Wikipedia Access

Status: Testing & Bug Fixes

I've completed the HTTP interface, but it appears to be far too slow for reasonable use. I need to find a faster HTTP library for Java or find some other solution.

We've decided to simulate the online version for now. I've added a point about updating the local database to reflect a more recent version of Wikipedia as well.

After searching around a bit I found this XML export page which might help us to get more pages at once and make the job faster.

Update update:
It seems like the best solution is to run a server which caches pages that people access.

Update Wikipedia Database

Status: Not yet
The Wikipedia database download page seems to be in flux right now and they don't have downloads for up yet. I'll have to check back later.

Preferences Panel

Status: Not yet

Popup Info

Status: Complete
Article cell popups now display the name, size, and last modified time of a node. I removed the last two bits from the main cell display as well.


Status: Not yet