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This site is here to document AniAniWeb (its features, bugs, future, etc.).

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Frequently Asked Questions

I am having a problem setting up users on my system. I am running Comm 7.0.2, swiki 1.5 , through squeak 3.7.1 on Windows XP. I am trying to set up an AniAniWeb, it looks like I have user:password pairs set in security for the AniAni, but my users (including me) cannot log in, we get an error that reads "That combination of AniAniWeb ID and Password is not valid."

What am I doing wrong? What more do you want to know?

I think this is very cool software and I really want to give it a go.

Hi Steve. You can create user accounts through the sign-in interface or when you are creating a new ani, rather than through the security settings, like on a swiki. -Jeff

What license are you releasing ComSwiki and AniAniWeb?
Would be possible to release under a BSD/MIT type license?


Jimmie Houchin
It's being released under the Squeak license. Since it runs in Squeak, that's about as lenient as possible.

AniAniWeb users - how do you render an anianiweb to html ?

Thanks! Fred.

Hola Jochen.
Seems you first adopters was of the bottom side of World !!
I was from Argentina and 56 and I start falling in love with this soft.
Unsolved issues .
How you convert/import regular old swikis ?
Where I could look for conversion from html to xml and from xml to html ?
Edgar J. De Cleene
Unfortunately, that functionality is not supported. They do have slightly different features and file formats. So, for instance, an AniAniWeb page has a parent page; a Swiki page does not. You could manually copy and paste things over if it is a small site.

Hi Jochen.
Owing to my age (66) and location (Sydney Australia) I don't qualify for an AniAniWeb.
I would however like to learn and contribute.
How can I do that?
Perhaps, assist to establish a mirror of something of that nature?
Regards and success
Justin Walsh
Virtual Aboriginal Community21
Hello Justin. I'm not sure what is is you are trying to do. Are you trying to set up an AniAniWeb. The software has been open-sourced, so you can download it here. Just download the swiki server and AniAniWeb will be downloaded as well. From there, you can create a new AniAniWeb. —Je77