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How do I request an AniAniWeb?

If you are a Georgia Tech CoC graduate student or faculty member, you can get an AniAniWeb. We will also set up AniAniWebs for a research group (see ubicomp for instance). Sorry, we do not have the resources to set up sites for class projects. To get your AniAniWeb, please send the following information to
  1. The name you want for the site
    • For individual pages, we recommend using the same name as your CoC username (jdoe if your e-mail address is jdoe@cc) or a short 10-digit-max name (i.e. JohnDoe).
    • For group pages, we recommend using the abbreviation, rather than the full name. rcg is much better than RapidComputingGroup. Keep it to 10-digit-max.
  2. A brief reason why you need it.
    • "I want it for my personal home page."
    • "I want it for my research group, the Rapid Computing Group."
  3. [optional] If you are planning to use more than 100Mb of upload space, include your requirements. Currently, we are willing to allot you more space, but you need to tell us.


  1. AniAniWeb is a research project with limited staff and funding. We do not guarantee 100% up-times or a gloriously fast server. If you find that your site is down, please e-mail We will try to bring it back up ASAP. AniAniWeb is still being developed, so if you have any bug-reports, comments, or suggestions, please send those to swiki-bugs as well.
  2. Having an AniAniWeb is a privilege, not a right; behave accordingly. Do NOT use it for suspect or illegal activities, such as distributing copyrighted material. If you leave your site open to others (something we do think is generally a good thing), we expect you to visit the site regularly enough to stop problematic activities that others may be doing on your site before it gets out of hand. Generally, we haven't had any problems, so a visit every few weeks should be fine.

Last modified 27 April 2005 at 4:32 pm by Jochen Rick