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CS6452's Swiki

CS6452: Prototyping Interactive Systems

Fall 2012

  • Project (50% of overall grade): This will be a substantial software implementation project, delivered in multiple "modules" throughout the semester. This will be an individual effort (no teams). Unless otherwise specified, each project turnin is due at 11:59PM on the evening of the announced due date.
  • Homework (30%): We will have some number of written assignments, ranging from code explanation (learning to talk about code) to reading reviews.
  • Presentations (10%): Everyone is responsible for doing one short in-class presentation during the course of the semester to describe some aspect of their project (novel design choice; overcoming some debugging problem; etc.)
  • Reading Discussions (10%): When we have reading discussions, I expect everyone to participate, and at least five people each time to propose "interesting" quotes from the readings.


Programming Tools
Programming Ideas
(What the heck is a Swiki?)


Week 1
Aug 21
  • Course goals, structure, and context
  • Prototyping defined
  • Kinds of prototyping
  • Live demonstration of HyperCard
  • Slides: week1.ppt
Aug 23
  • Bring laptops! Install JES for this class
  • Reading for discussion in class: Lo vs Hi Fidelity Prototyping
  • Lab/Practicum: Setting up Jython
  • Slides: week2.ppt
  • Introduction to Jython: Jython syntax
  • Maybe Lab Activity on Explaining Code

Week 2
Aug 28
Aug 30
  • Bring laptops!
  • Reading: Connexus.pdf HW#2: Summary due Sept 4
    • What is expected in a reading summary
    • Question to consider: The authors of the Connexus/Awarenex paper state that the systems were designed for the workplace. Why might certain features of these systems be inappropriate in a non-workplace setting? What features might be useful in a non-workplace setting, and why?
  • Introduction to Jython: Collection classes, scoping
  • More Lab Activity: Can use any IDE for this class, and hereafter

Week 3
Sept 4
Sept 6
Week 4
Sept 11
  • Asynchronous Programming:Be sure to bring laptops for in-class programming!
  • Slides: week4-asynchronous-part2.ppt
  • Reading: LilSys HW#3 due Sept 18 (at midnight)
    • Question to consider: The system described in the Lilsys paper tries to go beyond simple notions such as "not using the keyboard" to indicate unavailability, by using complex sensors and trying to infer whether someone is available or not. Compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of the simple approach and the complex sensor-and-inferrencing approach.
Sept 13
  • Asynchronous Programming: Be sure to bring laptops for in-class programming!
  • Send Mark email: Five people demonstrate their GUI implementation in-class on Sept 18

Week 5
  • Project Phase 1: GUI Implementation Due by midnight on Sept. 17
Sept 18
Sept 20
  • Presentations on GUI's: Dustin, Ramik, La-Trice, Hannah
  • Networking

Week 6
Sept 25

Sept 27

Week 7
Oct 2
Oct 4
  • Lab Day

Week 8
Oct 9
Oct 11
  • Lab Day
  • See Mark for 5 Presenters on Networking Module
  • Project#2 Networking Module due Oct 18 at 11:59. Grading Criteria

Week 9
Oct 18:
Lab Day
  • See Mark for 5 Presenters on Networking Module
  • Project#2 Networking Module due Oct 18 at 11:59. Grading Criteria

Week 10
GVU-20 Celebration!
Oct 23

Oct 25

Week 11
Oct 30
  • Lab Day

Nov 1
  • Discuss SketchWIzard
  • Sign up with Mark for 5 presentations on Web Services Module
  • Lab Day
  • Project#3 Web Services Module due Nov 5 at 11:59. Grading Criteria

Week 12
Nov 6

Nov 8 (Mark in Orlando)
  • No Class this Day

Week 13
Nov 13

Nov 15
  • Lab Day

Week 14
Nov 20
  • Discussion of Labeling Images
  • Lab day

Nov 21- Thanksgiving!

Week 15
Nov 27
  • Lab Day
  • Sign up for 5 presentations on Project #4
  • Project#4 Database Module due Nov 28 at 11:59. Grading Criteria

Nov 29
  • Presentations on Project #4: Tom, Maia, Keenan, Pratik.
  • Also need to present: Trustin, Alex, Christina
    • If Time Permits: Dustin
  • Whoever hasn't presented yet: Give us five minutes on:
    • Design (code or interface) issues you struggled with, and how you resolved them
    • Debugging issues you struggled with, and how you resolved them
    • Programming management issues you struggled with, and how you resolved them

Week 16
Dec 4
    • "Extra" Day

Dec 6
    • No class

DUE DEC 7 by midnight

Dec 10-14 Finals Week

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