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A4RC Communications Team Work Site

Note - need the change name in logo to read "Alliance for the Advancement of..."

In addition to our logo, here are some materials for us to consider. Please add in anything you have that we can consider - resources, ideas, etc. This will be our working site as we prepare the Alliance web site.

1. Here is the initial proposed web site design that Meesha put together for us: 01_home.pdf
2. A "Map" of our alliance and list of all collaborating partners: Web site info.doc
3. Black History Month Highlight of several AA researchers in computing a la Bryant York's site:BHMonth.pdf
4. Why Research - Slides from York's presentation to AARCS conference: AARCS_York.pdf
5. Early version of slide to recruit students into Alliance: A4 RC Recruiting Poster.ppt
6. One pager with the old look (is being converted to new logo look): BPC_Alliance_research_flyer_02.doc
7. One pager with new logo for 02-08 NSF Highlights report: hbcualliance one pager FINAL.pdf

Outline for under-construction-website: A4RC Web Site Content Proposal.doc

Our Alliance Communication Picture: AllianceCommDiagram.xls

Compelling Messaging about WHY DO RESEARCH?
insert ideas and resources here
Make nice money
Flexible Schedule

Brainstorm ideas for Alliance Slogan here:
We make a difference!
Think big and make a difference!
Think big, make a difference and make $$$!
Using computing to make the difference
Do computing research and make a difference!
See how computing research makes a difference.
Maybe for t-shirts..."Ask me how my research makes a difference."

Communication Team Meeting Minutes

Minutes from 11-14 A4 RC Communications meeting.doc

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