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Georgia Tech

Principal Investigators: Charles Isbell, Maureen Biggers, Merrick Furst, Cedric Stallworth

Consultant: Mark Guzdial

Charles Isbell

Bio: Dr. Isbell's research passion is artificial intelligence. In particular, he focuses on applying statistical machine learning to building autonomous agents that must live and interact with large numbers of other intelligent agents, some of whom may be human.

Lately, Dr. Isbell has turned his energies toward adaptive modeling, especially activity discovery (as distinct from activity recognition); scalable coordination; and development environments that support the rapid prototyping of adaptive agents. As a result he has begun developing adaptive programming languages, worrying about issues of software engineering, and trying to understand what it means to bring machine learning tools to non-expert authors, designers, and developers.

Maureen Biggers

Bio: Currently Sr. Research Scientist and Director, Computing Research Diversity Lab in the GT School of Interactive Computing, Maureen Biggers has served in a variety of research, diversity and community development related roles within the GT College of Computing since 2002. She has instituted numerous initiatives designed to promote student success and to grow the pipeline - including programs for undergraduates, graduates, and implementing the Institute for Computing Education (ICE@GT) outreach program in formal partnership with the GA DOE. ICE@GT supports high school teachers and introduces students and teachers to the new face of computing through hands-on experiences in workshops and camps.

Maureen is the new Project Manager for the Alliance for Advancing African American Researchers in Computing, an NSF funded partnership between HBCU’s and R1 universities. Her other NSF projects include STARS, CPATH EAE: Extending Contextualized Computing in Multiple Institutions Using Threads; ITWF Collaborative Research: Increasing the Representation of Undergraduate Women and Minorities in Computer Science.

Maureen Short, Ph.D.
School of Interactive Computing
Georgia Institute of Technology
85 5th Street NW
Atlanta, GA 30332-0760

Merrick Furst



Cedric Stallworth


Presentation (Spring 08)

Work in Progress




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