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"Kicking Ducks in the name of Scientific Progress"

We at INCITE believe that significant scientific accomplishment requires the random injection of intellectual and social catalysts external to the domain of research and practice of the researcher. To this end, we are studying the effects and uses of various technologies and human interaction techniques on the research process.

Research Areas

  • Applied Social Network Theory
  • Game Theory and Combinatorics
  • Pattern Recognition and Graph Searching Algorithms
  • Pragmatic Metaphysics
  • Tool-driven Generation of Auditory Frequencies
  • Visual Narrative and Technique
  • Static and Rotational Newtonian Physics
INCITE Fall 2003
Byron Jeff, Patrick Yaner, Zack Kurmas, Duke Hutchings, Eli Tilevich
Idris Hsi, Jochen "Je77" Rick, Heather Richter, Kristine Nagel, K.K. Lamberty

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