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Invitation to Tea Party

Scratch Competition 2010

We had 52 entries from 74 students.

Submissions for the competition are due by 11:59pm Sat May 15th. Students must upload their entries to the Scratch website (you can create a free login on this site). Put a link to your Scratch world on your page listed below (not on this page!). If you have a game you must upload a video of someone playing the game (screen capture only) to your page (not this page!) You must also fill out the notes in the project about how to play the game or upload a document (word or rtf or txt format) that explains how to play the game. The instructions for how to upload are at

The list of prizes is at

Elementary School Categories
Best Individual Game - Michael Barbour-scratch
Best Individual Animation - Rebecca Michaud-scratch
Best Group Game - Iris Farley, Ansley Petty

Middle School Categories
Best Individual Game - Guntavis Gardner
Best Individual Animation - Tiara Powell
Best Group Game - Khan Peterson, Keyyada Thomas

High School Categories
Best Individual Game - Katherine Cannella
Best Individual Animation - Spencer Powell
Best Group Game - Kyle Adams, Michael Bish
Best Group Animation - Jessica Finney, Alycia Gibson

Special Category Winners
Most Creative
Individual - Michelle Vu
Group - Abraham Ittycheri, Vishal Jungiwall

Best Comedy
Individual - Erik Nadel
Group - Corey Mink, Rehan Virani

Best Drama
Individual - Ian Eichwald

Best Educational Game
Individual - Amber White
Group - Steven Welday, Logan Genet, Ron McGuire

Best Educational Animation
Individual - Reece Morrow

Best Dance
Individual - Spencer Powell
Group - Grant Griffin, Austin Stevens, Bradley Wilkinson

Best Simulation
Individual - Tyler Wasserman
Group - Alex La, Landry Some, Nicolas Tailhardat

Best use of Sound
Individual - Matthew Skelley
Group - Eric Peyton, Spencer Powell, Ben Schmaltz

Most Artistic
Individual - Taylor Allen
Group - Conor Martin, Heidi Tabrizipour

Best Original Idea
Individual - Leslie Marshall
Group - Carter Dykes, Manny Wellington, Chris Winnie

Elementary School Animation Individual
Joshua Jones
Rebecca Michaud-scratch -ENTRY - Winner
Ethan Neal

Category - Middle School Animation Individual
Kristen Blocker
Brianna Harp
Lerenzo Hunter
Zackerria Jackson
Tiara Powell -ENTRY - Winner
Shannon Pratt
Matthew Robinson
Evette Thomas
Juwon Young
Kenneth Zachary

Category - High School Animation Individual
Javon Baskerville
Jasmine Brooks
Jade Cobb
William Cousar
Jazmyne Davis -ENTRY
Ashton Duncan
Whitney Honeycutt
Courtney King
Jamarco King -ENTRY
Johnathan Lee -ENTRY
Willie Manson -ENTRY
Jackson Mesidor Jr
Reece Morrow -ENTRY - winner best educational animation
Bri’anna Nichols
Derek Osom
Spencer Powell -ENTRY - winner for category and for best dance
Aaron Ragans
Ben Ross -ENTRY
Dijournee Saulter
Kalena Smith
Jessica Toussaint
Michelle Vu -ENTRY - winner of most creative special category
Maliq Winter -ENTRY

Individual Games
Category - Elementary School Game Individual
Michael Barbour-scratch -ENTRY - winner
Lee Haley
Eric Hermetz
Jeremy Jones
Sarah Newton -ENTRY
Amber White -ENTRY - winner best educational game

Category - Middle School Game Individual
Derrick Cook
Guntavis Gardner -ENTRY - winner
Keith Roberts

Category - High School Game Individual
Abubakar Abid -ENTRY
Taylor Allen -ENTRY - winner most artistic
Chelsea Anderson
Taylor Brown
Katherine Cannella -ENTRY - winner
Alec Clifford
Christopher Collinsq -ENTRY
Dominique Griggs -ENTRY
Ian Eichwald -ENTRY - winner best drama
Antron Evens
Emem Etukinoh
Todor Guichin
Matthew Guzdial
Seth Hirsh -ENTRY
Angueria Jones
Charmiska Jones -ENTRY
Jasmine King -ENTRY
Brandon Lamar -ENTRY
Joshua Lewis -ENTRY
Phillip Lockwood -ENTRY
Pearl Martyr
Leslie Marshall -ENTRY - winner best original idea
Corey Mink
Ervin Morban
Erik Nadel -ENTRY - winner best comedy
Vivien Nwoke
Decker Onken -ENTRY
LaTia Ownes
Ti’Ara Perry
Spencer Powell -ENTRY
Kenneth Ricks Jr.
Lars Ricketts -ENTRY
Keldon Schroen
Magnus Siwy
Matthew Skelley -ENTRY - winner best use of sound
Jean Solano -ENTRY
Camden Stephens
Alex Taylor -ENTRY
Dustin Thomason-scratch -ENTRY
Tyler Wasserman -ENTRY - winner of best simulation
Caejawn Williams
Kacey Williams
Marcus Wolfe

Group Animation

Category – High School Animation Group
Kiran Aslam, Sarah Hooda
Jessica Finney, Alycia Gibson -ENTRY - winner
Zena Gola, Rasheda Linkhorn
Grant Griffin, Austin Stevens, Bradley Wilkinson -ENTRY - winner for best dance
Dylan Heshizer, Keyonni Jones
Geetika Jape, Kayitha Jagadisan
Phillip Moore, Cameron Roy, Nick Trujillo -ENTRY
Drew Hayes, Ethan Ramsammy, Kyle Scales -ENTRY

Group Games
Category – Elementary School Games Group
Iris Farley, Ansley Petty -ENTRY - winner

Category – Middle School Games Group
Kristen Blocker, Shanequa Tucker
Diamond Clay, Cantonese Kennedy
Alexis Hawkins, Zy’Queria Taylor
Brooklyn Holsey
Kelonie Daugherty, Kenny Zachary
Khan Peterson, Keyyada Thomas -ENTRY - winner

Category – High School Games Group
Courtnee Anderson
Eric Peyton, Spencer Powell, Ben Schmaltz -ENTRY - winner best use of sound
Jun Choi, Patrick Chou, Alex Jan
Will Cornwell, Linkcoln Fewell, Brian Weidner
Corey Mink, Rehan Virani -ENTRY - winner best comedy
Sokrates Bufi, Sam Skinner -ENTRY
Conor Martin, Heidi Tabrizipour -ENTRY - winner most artistic
Alex La, Landry Some, Nicolas Tailhardat -ENTRY - winner best simulation
Abraham Ittycheri, Vishal Jungiwall -ENTRY - winner of group most creative special category
Gina John, Phuc Nguyen, Waleed Robertson
Bobby Dukes, Jacob Ford
Kyle Adams, Michael Bish -ENTRY - winner for category
Carter Dykes, Manny Wellington, Chris Winnie -ENTRY - winner best original idea
Steven Welday, Logan Genet, Ron McGuire -ENTRY - winner of best educational game

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