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Videos on Alice Tips and Techniques

Barb Ericson is creating some videos for Alice tips and techniques. Each of these is under 3 minutes long. And, they are under 5 MB. See for more tutorials and projects.

Getting started with Storytelling Alice StorytellingStart.mp4. Creating objects, positioning them, and invoking methods on them.

This video shows how to create multiple scenes in Storytelling Alice mutlipleScenes.mp4.

How to create multiple scenes in Alice 2.2: ChangeScene.mp4. Here is an example world with multiple scenes; SceneChange.a2w

This video shows how to drop a dummy at a camera position, use the camera controls, zoom in on an Alice object, and then reset the camera position to a dummy object. Students should already know how to create objects and invoke methods on objects.

This video shows how to create a method in order to teach a bunny how to hop, how to make a copy of code, and how to use a "Do Together".

This video shows how to copy code to the clipboard and how to fix the mistake of creating a method on the wrong object such as creating a hop method on the world instead of on a bunny.

This video shows how to add parameters to methods and then how to specify the value of the arguments when you call the method. It adds the paraemters height and length to the bunny's hop method.

This video shows how to change the duration of an Alice statement or command. The default is always 1 second.

This video shows how to rename the object and then save out the object as a new class. Then it shows how to import the new class into Alice to use it in another world.

This video shows how to add a title (3D text) to your movie that disappears after a certain amount of time (using wait and set visible to false). It also shows manipulating the object with the mouse controls and how to set a property in a method.

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