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Invitation to Tea Party

Winners from 2011 Scratch Competition

Elementary School
a. Group Animations: Sarah Newton, Morgan Springer, Korie Amritt (see it here)
b. Individual Animations: Chad Dickerson (see it here)
c. Individual Game: Eli Arbuckle (see it here)

HS Group Game
a. Group Game: Robert Vaivodiss, Pierre Rouaud (see it here)
b. Individual Game: Alex Essig (see it here)

Special Awards

Most Creative: Clare Hunter (see it here) - Middle School
Best Sound: Ethan Keheley (see it here) - Elem School
Best Drama: Renee Crozier (see it here) - High School
Most Artistic: Rebecca Michaud (see it here) - Elem School
Best Educational: Reece Morrow (see it here) - High School
Best Dance: Madysun Chambers (see it here)- Elem School
Simulation: Daniel Schrader, Colin Loyd (see it here) - High School
Most Original: Jamal Pace, Christopher Ruflin (see it here) - High School
Best Comedy: Hannah Bower, Sarah Acker (see it here) - Elem School

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