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Videos on Media Computation Tips and Techniques

To use Media Computation you will need a Java JDK (SE 1.5 or above) and the bookClasses. We also recommed that you use DrJava and also download mediasources, and the Media Tools. The bookClasses are the classes that we wrote to allow you to do Media Computation. See the Getting Started for detailed instructions on getting set-up for Media Computation.

This video shows how to set the classpath in DrJava to include the bookClasses direcotry, the jar files in the bookClasses directory, and gridWorld.jar (if you are doing AP CS).

This video shows how to use the Java API to get information about packages and classes. The Java API is available at

This video shows how to use the Media Tools to view sounds as they are being recorded.

This video shows how to create a class Student in DrJava and shows that it inherits the toString method from the Object class.

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