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Julie & Arya's Seat-of-Pants 7:30 Housecooling.

Last minute info, sorry. Hectic. Feel free to come early and watch me vacuum.

Map: Post Renaissance


AryaPlates/Plasticware, Beers, Sodas, Water
JulieWhatever I can get at publix on the way there
You... ??

We don't have a microwave or pans, so keep that in mind...
Worst case, if nobody brings food we can all order delivery, so bring food or cash. :)


Several fun suggestions so far:
Dan & Sally + JulieJumbo Twister
-Take a bag or box to Arya's car
Julie Apples to Apples, Giant Inflatable Boxing
-Relay racing
Arya Some kind of card game, I've got one deck but no chips
-Cleaning up after oneself, due to morning inspection
... ??

Add anything you want to bring. Anything that doesn't create holes in the wall "larger than a thumbnail". Add your suggestions, even if you can't make it :)

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