18 Sept 2008--bio projects

Monica Sweat, Aaron, Soojin, Mark Borodovsky, Charles Isbell, Jung, Greg Turk, and Mark met in Klaus.

After a brief discussion where Monica brought everyone up to speed on the Bioinformatics course, the meeting focused on biology projects that could serve as targets in a BioCS1 – activities that we think CS1 students would find motivating and engaging, and through which, we could teach CS1 concepts and skills.

The projects are described here roughly in increasing complexity.

Cellular level

String as instructions

We talked about reading a string as a series of instructions:

Population Simulation

Modeling the Individual

The plan at the next meeting is to start laying these ideas out against what CS1 ideas:
(1) are necessary to solve the problem (and thus have to be learned for this project, or previously),
(2) are covered by the collection of projects, in order to identify CS1 concepts that aren't covered by this set of projects yet.

Whiteboards from meeting (click on images to see full-size):