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Collaboratively write a summary of your pair's or group's experience of working on the task, emphasizing the effects of the technologies and media chosen on the dynamics of the interactions among members of the pair or group. Max 5 pages.

Intro describing project

  • goal of project
  • collaborative picture collage of place we've been
  • started to do NYC, but didn't have enough pictures
  • decided on Chicago instead
  • roles each of us played in the design/implementation process
    • julie was photoshopper, brian was picture gatherer/editor

Technologies Used

  • yahoo messenger
  • email
  • yahoo picture sharer
  • ani ani web
  • photoshop
  • vnc
  • web browser link sharing
  • yahoo doodle
  • windows paint
  • screen capture
  • mac-pc combo
  • shared web calendar (via yahoo)
  • graphic converter (image editing)

Julie's Experience

Brian's Experience

Picture of Final result


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