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Members: Ji-Won Song, Brian Landry, & Mark Guzdial

i-StoryCircle is an online collaborative environment in which people can help each other as they create their story—some people may ask questions, others may tell of their own experiences.

Collaboration plays a major role in retrospective storytelling by increasing story quality and helping users through technical barriers. Collaboration with peers or experts can provide the resources needed to solve technical problems novices often encounter during retrospective storytelling. It is essential that digital storytellers acquire feedback from other digital storytellers. Giving feedback on others’ stories helps the storyteller to gradually formulate ability to evaluate a story and improve the quality of the story.

i-StoryCircle is designed as an online collaborative learning environment that supports collaboration between digital storytellers or with experts. i-StoryCircle could be used with iTell or other storytelling software and perform the essential role of helping users through technical barriers and increase the quality of their stories.

Support for Learning through Observation


Support for Collaboration around Media



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