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Download iTell


  • iTell is currently available for PC only (a Mac version is in the works)
  • The following image formats are supported by iTell
    • JPG
    • GIF
    • TIFF
    • PNG
  • Video not supported
  • There is currently no way to add Background Music, however this feature is coming soon
  • Stories created with iTell can be played with the following media players
    • RealPlayer 10
    • QuickTime
  • Once you save your story, a directory titled "<storyname>-files" will be created in the same directory as your saved story. All of the files generated by iTell (including the final output file) will be placed in this directory for your convenience.
  • Click the link below to download iTell. Once it is downloaded double-click the JAR file to run iTell. You must have JRE 1.5 installed to use iTell.
  • If you would like your story to go into the iTell gallery, send mail to blandry [at] ccdotgatechdotedu and we will make that happen.

Happy Storytelling!

Download iTell here —->iTell.jar

For questions and commments send mail to blandry [at] ccdotgatechdotedu

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