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Cognitive Computing Lab

CCL pursues fundamental and applied research in the context of real-world problems and applications which (i) inform and constrain the research, and (ii) provide an opportunity to demonstrate new technology in working systems. CCL tackles problems that are "cognitive" in two respects:
  • the solution requires cognition: CCL systems are intelligent and embody a theory of learning and cognition (AI)
  • the solution aids cognition: CCL systems are designed with cognitive principles in order to interact naturally with humans (HCC)
CCL research lies at the intersection of AI (artificial intelligence) and HCC (human-centered computing). CCL's focus is not cognitive science, it is cognitive computing, with an emphasis on computing and systems issues critical to tackling real-world, large-amounts-of-information, continuous-task, human-in-the-loop problems. It brings together relevant pieces of cognitive science and artificial intelligence with newer approaches from intelligent systems and human-centered computing. CCL projects use collaborative teams to tackle real-world problems that require basic (publishable) research coupled with applied (deliverable) R&D.

CCL Projects are organized around three themes: Game AI, Information Analytics, and Digital Health. CCL is a collaboration between the Georgia Tech College of Computing and the Georgia Tech Research Institute which brings together expert researchers in the field and expert engineers. CCL has a unique capability not only to create new technology through basic research, but to implement those new technologies in real-world systems in industrial and government settings with high security requirements. Going beyond research to industry products and solutions, CCL spinoff Enkia Corporation delivers high-quality decision support systems.

To link to us, use the following official URL:
To contact us, send email to: a s h w i n @ c c . g a t e c h . e d u
To visit us, stop by TSRB second floor southeast