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Christina M. Gardner, PhD

As of August 15, 2014, I started a faculty position at University of Florida. Visit

Updated: April 16, 2013

If you have I-3: Experience questions please contact, Chanteal Edwards, Engagement Program Coordinator at cedwards9 at

If you are interested in computing summer camps please visit the following links:
2013 ICE Summer Camps (Computing Focused) -
2013 GA Tech Summer Camps -
2013 CEISMC Summer Camps -

If you are interested in the Computational Thinking Olympiad (CTO) unfortunately it will not be offered this year.

If you are interested in contacting me personally or professionally, you can reach me at gmccune at Clemson dot edu.

Thank you for your support over the years,
  • Christina Gardner-McCune

Research Interests

Learning Environment Design
Design and study of learning environments and technology that help students learn computing and STEM content and reasoning in the context of activities in which they are naturally interested. I am particularly interested in the iterative design, refinement, and sustainability of curriculum and program development to support computing and STEM learning in informal learning environments.

For my Masters and PhD research, I worked on designing the science content, cooking and science activities, and learning environment and software for Kitchen Science Investigators (KSI) to support the learning and reflection on the science behind the cooking.

In June 2011, I expanded my interest in designing learning environments to computing education with the design of the High School Computing Club and the I3 Experience. Both programs were project-based and Constructionist learning environments to engage high school in computing through the creation of personal expressions of technology. As I move forward, I plan to integrate in work on the second interest into my research.

Learning Sciences and Cognitive Science
Social and cognitive influences on middle and high school childrenís learning and understanding of science content. Specific focus on the way learners use resources in the learning environment to build and refine mental models and their usage of these models to reason scientifically. This interest is twofold. First, Iím interested in looking at the ways affordances of activities, resources, and tools coupled with the social interactions and organization of the environment affect or influence learnersí cognitive development and ability to reason scientifically (e.g. formation and usage of mental models and organization, indexing, and processing of information and experiences). Second, I am interested in how learners use these mental models they are building to reason scientifically. I recognize that these issues are two sides of the same coin. One side asks how the social affects the cognitive and the other side asks how the cognitive affects the social.

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