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Explore CT

Explore CT is a systemic outreach initiative designed for the dual purposes of exposing middle school students to computing and computational thinking and providing sustained engagement experiences for high school students to promote and develop their academic interest in CS. We will provide middle and high school students exposure to the diversity of CS and CT careers. Students will be engaged in activities that do not require prior CS knowledge but progressively builds their interest, understanding, competence, and skills. Students will be able to iteratively apply their understanding to real-world problems and create artifacts that are authentic to their interests.

All of our programs are designed to facilitate successful participation of all students as we do not require prior computing or computer science experience.

We will recruit our middle school CTO participants throughout the school year and through exposing students to various aspects of computing through interactive presentations. After the competition, the middle school students will continue to explore computational thinking through take-home kits that contain paper- and web-based activities. For example, students will receive a deck of binary magic cards, links to websites with games such as LightBot and flash-based river crossing problems, and original games, apps, and videos created by the Saturday B.I.T.S participants. We believe this type of continued exploration will ignite the interest of our middle schoolers and get them looking forward to participating in the high school component of Explore CT.

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