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I3 Experience: Imagine, Investigate, Innovate

Updated: April 16, 2013

The information on this website about the I-3 Experience programs is out-of-date.
If you have I-3: Experience questions please contact, Chanteal Edwards, Engagement Program Coordinator at cedwards9 at

If you are interested in the Computational Thinking Olympiad (CTO) unfortunately it will not be offered this year.


Program Enrollment:
Applications for the Fall 2012-2013 I-3 Experience Programs are due August 24, 2012.
More information about the upcoming Imagine Program can be found here.

Program Description
The I3 Experience is a series of after-school programs designed to motivate and support high school students in the creation of personal expressions of technology through hands-on, project-based learning. The I3 Experience consists of three programs – Imagine, Investigate, and Innovate - that engage students in computational thinking and the design of new applications and devices at varying levels. Students are
provided with the opportunity, space, resources, and encouragement needed to pursue their interests in computing.

The I3 Experience begins with the Imagine program, which focuses on inspiring students to see computing in the world around them. Students are introduced to various aspects of computing and computational thinking through round table discussions of current computing trends and applications, as well as interactive activities that demonstrate how computers work and process information. Students in this program
will learn about the 7 core areas of computing: robotics, gaming, social networking,graphics and HCI, modeling and simulation, databases, and algorithmic programming. Program participants will have the opportunity to develop project proposals for new applications or devices that interest them and solve a problem that they see affecting society.

The second phase of the I3 Experience is the Investigate program. This phase aims to help students build a computational toolkit through project-based learning. In this program, participants will reverse engineer a current device or application to gain a better understanding of how it works and what improvements can be made through new technologies and computing concepts. These projects can be selected through the
students’ research during the Imagine program or a new idea that they would like to pursue. Participants will develop skills in programming, prototyping, project management, and presenting in order to successfully design their project. By the end of the program, students will have developed a tangible artifact that can be used in science fairs and other competitions.

In the Innovate Program, the final phase, students will be supported and mentored in their creation of innovative devices and applications using the computational toolkit built in the earlier phases of the I3 Experience. This phase focuses on project development by providing students with a research and development lab that assists them in bringing their ideas to life. Unlike the Imagine and Investigate Programs, students may participate in the Innovate Program multiple times to fully develop and implement their project ideas. Students will develop high quality prototypes that can be entered in to competitions and project showcases at the K-12 and collegiate level, as well as have
the opportunity to apply for a provisional patent for their project.

It is through the I3 Experience that Georgia Tech’s College of Computing will create and sustain a pipeline in computing. The programs will appeal to female and other underrepresented populations through engaging curriculum and encouragement.

I3 Experience Team:
Christina M. Gardner, PhD, Enrollment Program Development, Post Doctoral Researcher
Darryl B. McCune, II, Enrollment Program Specialist
Chanteal Edwards, Assistant
Krista Palmer, Student Assistant

Past I3 Experience Team:
Dhruval Darji, High School Intern and past program participant
Myles Peavy, High School Intern and past program participant

Office of Outreach, Enrollment, and Community:
Jennifer Whitlow, Enrollment Program Coordinator
Cedric Stallworth, Assistant Dean of Outreach, Enrollment, and Community

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