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Innovate Program

Fosters students' ability to create innovative computational applications with the computational toolkit they’ve built in the I3 Experience

In the Innovation Program, participants will
  1. Develop a new device or application based on:
    • New Project Ideas
    • Project prototype from Investigate phases or previous high school computing programs at GT
  1. Engage in the 4Ps to design their device or application
    • Programming
    • Prototyping
    • Project Management
    • Presentation
  1. Continue to develop their knowledge in of computational thinking and computing skills needed to complete their projeccts

Weekly Sessions will include
  1. Project Status Updates
  2. Project Development (Project group driven)
  3. Targeted Content Training Modules (Project group driven)

Participants walk away with
  1. Increased knowledge of how computing works within their project area
  2. Increased programming, project management, prototyping, presentation, and team collaboration skills
  3. A tangible output of their projects that can be used in science fairs or competitions

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