CS Principles

Course Website: https://sites.google.com/site/cs1803poc/home

I am currently running an Pilot Course for AP CS Principles at Georgia Tech for Non-CS Majors (mostly juniors and seniors)

The grading breakdown is as follows:
• HW – 35%
• Final Project – 30%
• Quizzes – 20%
• Participation & Tutorials & In–class assignments -15%

Here are several Apps that I've had my students develop for Homework:
HW#1: CS Principles - School Spirit App

HW#3: CS Principles - Etch-a-Sketch
..... CS Principles - Etch-a-Sketch Starter Code - This is code they started in class as a first attempt at designing this app

HW#4: CS Principles - Trivia App Assignment
..... CS Principles - Trivia Database Starter - This is code the TA created to help the students create a database from a CSV file and an App

Final project assignments: Final Project

Student Course Web Portfolios: CS Principles - Portfolio Examples

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