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CS Principles - Trivia Database Starter

CS Principles - Trivia Database Starter

If you want to use this setup of the database from a CSV file, download the following files:

Now a few instructions:

1) download the csv and the zip files

2) go to app inventor and under new projects upload the zip file and open the block editor

3) go to your portofolium and upload the csv in there then right click and copy link and paste the link into the block editor where the url is requested and notice how the link you just copied look a little bit different then the one is already there so delete the last characters in the link until your last 3 characters are csv

4) in the design mode for the TinyWebDB used please use your own database (so change the link acordingly)

5) connect to the emulator or phone and press Download example.csv and the labels just under it will change from "The list is: " to "The list is: Done Downloading!" then you press the button "Store List to Web"

6) now you open in the broawser your database and refresh

DONE! Now the only thing left is set up your trivia acordingly

PS: there are extra blocks and buttons that are not used for this particular app since the only pursouse is to get the database setup; but i thought you could do some code reuse for your apps

Good Luck!

Built from Resources found at the following links:
csv code -

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