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CS Principles - Etch-a-Sketch

CS Principles - Etch-a-Sketch
Click here for full assignment: HW_3_Etch_A_Sketch.pdf
Click here for starter code - This is great for looking at App in progress CS Principles - Etch-a-Sketch Starter Code

Examples of completed student Apps:
Student #1
HW3_EtchSketch (1).zip

Student #2

Goal: Adapt the Apps your created in class to draw and to use the gyroscope and create an Etch-A-Sketch App that draws on the screen as the user tilts the mobile device and erases the screen when you shake it vigorously.

Learning Objective:
App Inventor Skills
  • Use of Screen Arrangement to customize the layout of the screen
  • Use of the OrientationSensor (Gyroscope)
  • Use of the Accelerometer
  • Use Canvas to Draw
  • Use of other App Inventor features and skills developed from tutorials covered in class or on the schedule for you to complete at home

Programming Skill
- LO 19. The student can explain how programs implement algorithms
- LO 22. The student can develop a correct program

- LO 3. Use of computing tools and techniques for creative expression
- LO 4. Use of programming as a creative tool

Preparation & Resources:

You should have successfully completed the readings, homework, and tutorial lessons described on the schedule.

App Criteria:

- All Apps completed for this assignment must use Screen Arrangement to customize the layout of the screen to feature a read frame/boarder like a real etch-a-sketch.
- App should allow users to tilt the screen to draw and control the direction of a line being drawn.
- And Erase a line just drawn by tilting the screen in the opposite direction.
- App should check to see if you’ve reached the red boarder and stop drawing until the phone is tilted in a direction that permits drawing.
- App should allow the user to erase the screen when vigorously shaken and randomly place the starting point for drawing when shaken
- Advanced Features for Extra Credit: 10pts - Save drawings created using the App and allow the user to see view the drawings later

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