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CS Principles - School Spirit App

CS Principles - School Spirit App
This is a quick an easy starter app to ensure that students know how to use App Inventor and know how to turn in assignments.

Examples of Student Apps for this assignment:
SchoolSpiritZip (1).zip

Goal: Adapt the App your created in class to feature three different images and to play 3 different sounds when each of the images is pressed.

Learning Objective:

App Inventor Skills
  • Adding visual and Audio Media to an App
  • Touch/button press recognition
  • Using Component Designer to select components
  • Working with the Block Editor to assemble blocks that define the componentsí behavior
  • Packaging the apps you build and downloading them to a phone

Programming Skills
  • Creating a simple method

See App Getting Started with App Inventor PowerPoint: AppInventorSetup (2).pptx
See the my first App Tutorial:
See App Inventor: Create your own Android App - Chapter 1

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