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CS Principles - Portfolio Examples

CS Principles - Portfolio

Guidelines for creating the portfolio
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CS Principles - Portfolio Examples

Portfolio Overview
  • A navigation bar with the following main categories:
    • Apps
    • Computing Concepts
    • Blog

  • Apps – You will create a page for each application you build this semester (staring with homework 1). A link to each app page should appear as a nested page under the Apps item on the navigation list. Each app page should include the following information in an organized fashion (feel free to use headings, images, bullet points, etc. as you see fit):
    • A brief description of what your app does
    • A screen shot of each of the different screens from your app (or the same screen in different states); basically, the pictures should give a good representation of how the app looks and what it does
    • Explain how your App works and use Screenshots of your code and other representations to support your explanation
    • Include the QR Code/Barcode to the App on the pages so that people can use it to download your App.
    • Outline key Computing Concepts used in the development of this App and links to your commentary on the Computing Concepts pages in your portfolio
    • Reflect on any lessons learned through creating the app (can be specific App Inventor things, or higher level things related to the design/development process, mobile computing, etc.). You should outline at least three lessons per app.
    • Grading: This will be part of your homework grade.

  • Computing Concepts – You will create an alphabetized list of the computing concepts and update it weekly. Create a table of contents and an internal linking structure that will allow you to jump directly to the concepts.
    • In this course you will learn about or review key computing concepts each week and you will given specific concepts to reflect on.
    • In this section of your portfolio, you write about these key concepts and provide your own examples to demonstrate your understanding of these concepts.
    • Each entry should contain
      • the name of the concept and provide a brief definition
      • an example that helps other understand what the concept is
      • descriptions of how this concept is highlighted in your Apps and Blog entries and the corresponding web links to your work
    • Grading: This will be due every Friday and will count toward your class participation grade.

  • Blog
    • In this course you are required to read chapters of Blown to Bits and other articles. Please reflect on these readings in your blog, a few ways you might reflect
      • discussion what interested you or surprised you about the reading
      • discussion how you relate this to other things you’ve read in this course or outside of the course
      • discussion how this affects you personally or people you know
      • discussion on the ethical impacts of the reading
      • discussion of the societal impacts of the reading
      • When readings are assigned additional reflection prompts may be given.
    • You may also be asked to reflect on other topics as assigned.
    • Grading: This is part of your class participation grade and as such it will be due before the class discussion.

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