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Links to other Curriculum and Other Resources

Newest version of App Inventor
Beta version of App Inventor

Reporting App Inventor Bugs
Screen Copying in App Inventor

School Aged Kids video on the Introduction of App Inventor (See the excitement this student has about creating apps)

Hal Abelson's MIT App Inventor Course
Code Snippets
Instructions for a Game Called Noink from Lyn Turbak @ Wellesley
Restaurant App from from Lyn Turbak @ Wellesley
Nice App Inventor Resource List Lyn Turbak @

Khan Academy - CS Education -
Top 10 Women in IT -
Ursala Burns, CEO, Xerox -
Dr. M. Brian Blake, Miami Vice Provost,
Dr. Shani Daily, Fusing Dance and Technology
Dr. Kyla McMullen, First African American PhD in CS at University of Michigan

Modeling and Simulation
StarLogo TNG

Cool Careers in IT
User Experience Designers
Top 7 Unusal Career paths in Science and Technology - 3 are computing related
The new Face of Computing - Research-
The new Face of Computing - Undergrads -

Cool Implementations of Technology
EEG controlled robotic legs

GT - College of Computing - "Dream.Encode: Be more" Video

Andrea Thomaz - Brilliant 10 - Roboticist

How machines are learning to teach humans

Robots make better teachers than know-it-alls

'MacGyver' Robot Could Make Use Of Objects It Finds

Robot learns using IKEA Style Instructions

Cutting Edge - Softbody Animation

Up and Coming HCI Researcher

NEW AP CS College Community

CS Education Resources

Bendable Microchips

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