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Fall 2009 Schedule

Fridays, 10 - 11 am, Klaus 2108
Date Paper Discussion Leader
Sept 4 Andriole & Roberts, Point/Counterpoint: Technology Curriculum for the Early 21st Century [andriole2008.pdf]

Dewar & Astrachan, Point/Counterpoint: CS Education in the US: Heading in the Wrong Direction? [dewar2009.pdf]

Sept 11 Mark at APCS
Sept 18 Moss, et al, Validity in Educational Asssessment [moss2006.pdf] Allison
Sept 25 Mark at Vancouver
Oct 2 Judith Gal-Ezer, What (else) Should CS Educators Know? [gal-ezer1998.pdf] Lijun
Oct 9 Carl Bereiter, Situated Cognition and How to Overcome It [bereiter1997.pdf] Dorn
Oct 16 Moos & Azevedo, Learning with Computer-Based Learning Environments: A Literature Review of Computer Self-Efficacy [moos2009.pdf] Briana
Oct 23 Ehlert & Schulte, Empirical Comparison of Objects-First and Objects-Later [ehlert2009.pdf] Mark
Oct 30 Klahr and Carver, Cognitive objectives in a LOGO debugging curriculum: Instruction, learning, and transfer [klahrcarver88.pdf] Davide
Nov 6 Mark in Germany
Nov 13 Interest and Identity Development in Instruction: An Inductive Model [interest.pdf] MikeH
Nov 20 Weisberg, Creativity and Knowledge: A Challenge to Theories [creativity and knowledge.pdf] MikeM
Nov 27 Thanksgiving
Dec 4 Caspersen and Köllig, STREAM: A First Programming Process [toce2009.pdf] Mark
(Also suggested for reading Scardamalia and Beritier, Literate Expertise [literate expertise.pdf])

Fall 2008 Schedule

PPIG Papers on ParadigmsLocked

Fall 2007 Schedule

Tuesdays, 10:00 - 11:00 AM, 323 TSRB
DateTopicPapers/Materials to ReviewDiscussion Leader
August 21Organization Mark
August 28Marton & BoothThe Idea of PhenomenographySarita
September 4Pedagogical PatternsCSE Special Issue on Pedagogical PatternsLockedJigsaw
September 11No Meeting ICER Preparation
September 18ICER Recap & DiscussionICER Program (paper drafts online)Mark
September 25C. P. SnowScientists and Decision MakingBriana
October 2Alan PerlisThe Computer in the UniversityDorn
October 9No Meeting Fall Break!
October 16Michael MateasProcedural Literacy: Educating the New Media PractitionerJill
October 23Ian BogostProcedural LiteracyMike H.
October 30Solomon - Ch. 4 - DwyerDwyer: Eclecticism and Heuristic LearningMike M.
November 6Meeting Canceled
November 13Solomon - Ch. 5 - Papert &
Solomon - Ch. 7
Papert: Constructivism and Piagetian Learning &
Computer Educators
Brian O. & Lijun
November 20No Meeting Happy Thanksgiving!
November 27Meeting Canceled
December 4Book Discussion - Philosophy of Educational ResearchChapters 1 - 4Allison
December 11Book Discussion - Philosophy of Educational ResearchChapters 5 - 8Mark


Friday August 17, 2007 Data Coding Day

Spring 2007 Schedule

2:00 - 3:00 PM, 322 TSRB
DateTopicPapers/Materials to ReviewDiscussion Leader
January 19Organization
January 26Begin Study Design 2110 Website

2261 Website

February 2Study Design: Research Methods & Questions Allison
February 9Meeting Canceled
Feburary 16Study Design Continued Dorn
February 23Study Design Continued Allison
March 2No Meeting
March 9No Meeting SIGCSE
March 16Finalize Study Protocol
March 23No Meeting Spring Break
March 30Start Literature Review of Programming Studies in Higher EducationLearning and Teaching Programming: A Review and DiscussionMike
April 6Study Design
April 13Lit Review
April 20Study Design
April 27Lit Review
May 4Book DiscussionSchools for ThoughtMark

Brainstorming Education Literature Topics

Fall 2006 Schedule

1:00 - 2:00 PM, 109 CCB

DateTopicPapers/Materials to ReviewDiscussion Leader
August 25Organization
September 1T.R.G. Green PapersT.R.G. Green PapersLockedAllison
September 22Local CS Ed Research OpportunitiesProject IdeasBill & Mark
September 29ICER Papers (Jigsaw)ICER 2006LockedAll
October 13ICER Paper #1Commonsense Computing: What students know before we teach (Episode 1: Sorting)Bill
October 27ICER Paper #2 A Methodology for Analyzing the Temporal Evolution of Novice Programs Based on Semantic ComponentsAllison
November 10ICER Paper #3Postponed
November 24No MeetingThanksgiving Break
December 8ICER Paper #3Graphic Designers Who Program as Informal Computer Science LearnersDorn

Spring 2006 Schedule

12:15 - 1:15 PM, 326 TSRB

DateTopicPapers/Materials to ReviewDiscussion Leader
January 18Organization
February 1Back to Basics in CS1 and CS2 Stu Reges SIGCSE PaperMark
February 15How to Design a Course Syllabus - Follow the Language or Follow the TopicsWhite Paper from BillBill
Feburary 22Games in the CurriculumPapers from SIGCSE SessionMark
March 1No Meeting SIGCSE
March 15Etudes for CSSoloway PaperDorn
March 29Math vs Computing AbstractionHazzan PaperMike
April 12Threshold ConceptsMeyer & Land PaperAllison
April 26Using Programming for Learning PhysicsSherin PaperMark

For previous semesters' schedules visit our old website here.

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