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(Collaborative On-Line Studio, Version 2)

2CoOL Site

2CoOL Studio is our second effort in this area and was used in fall 1999 to support discussion and interaction a 180-student freshman lecture class. The site is being used again in spring 2000 to support these same freshmen in their first design studio classes.

Project Goals

  • Online discussions and team research are designed to help students develop systematic processes for researching design problems.
  • Online debates about various issues in design are held to encourage students to think critically about the roles and responsibilities of the designer in society.
  • The interface is design to support community-building and different forms of interaction among students.


  • Craig, D. L., Haq, S., Khan, S., Zimring, C., Kehoe, C., Rick, J., Guzdial, M. (2000) "Using An Unstructured Collaboration Tool to Support Peer Interaction in Large College Classes" Proceedings of ICLS 2000, Ann Arbor, MI.

Project Collaborators

College of Architecture
College of Computing

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