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Engineering Psychology


Interface Analysis
Task Analysis Writeup

Ride Along Notes:
Jaroslav's Ride Alongs
Courtney's Ride Alongs
JY's note from ETW analysis

Pictures & Videos of ETW

Mission Statement (goal of the system)

Users: enforcement employees, parkers
Actor: parking enforcement system
Transformation: enforce rules and policies
Motivation: customer service, enforcement
Designers: Us, with the help of users and input
Environment: Parking office, parking lots at georgia tech.

Mission Statement:

To provide a parking enforcement system to provide parking enforcement on Georgia Tech campus. The system accomplishes this through the distribution of citations to offenders and monitoring of the premises by personnel.

System Requirements:

System requirements:
In general, all components of the system must be able to operate within the weather extremes of Atlanta.

  • Enforce rules and policies of Georgia Tech parking system
  • Operate within financial and personnel bounds
  • Vehicles must:
    • Transport PCOs around campus.
    • Have minimal maintenance time/cost
    • Protect PCOs from elements
    • Transport PCO materials (Paperwork, ETW, Boot)
  • Vehicle Technical Requirements:
    • Gas, propane, electric powered
    • Minimum 100hp or equivelant
    • 600lb minimum capacity
    • 2 occupant capacity
    • Vehicle must meet legal requirements for operating on surface streets. (full assortment of lights and markings) (reword)
Parking Control Officer PCO:
  • Walk around tightly parked cars
  • Handle confrontations with violators
  • Ability to see and read parking tag and license plate and etw
  • Licensed
  • Normal or corrected to normal vision
  • Remember parking regulations
  • Decide whether a car should be ticketed
Communication System:
  • Nextel System
  • Battery life: 8 hours
  • Range: campus vicinity
  • 2 way live communication
  • Speaker audible at 2 feet in ambient noise environment
  • One handed operations
  • Ability to selectively contact dispatch or fellow PCOs
  • Weight: Under 1lb
  • Size: Within 3x2x6" block
Electronic Ticket Writer ETW:
  • Withstand extended environmental factors (e.g. being left in car all day)
  • Provide timely information about specific vehicles and permits to the PCO
  • Update system with new information in a timely manner
  • Input permit and plate numbers
  • Verify status of permit and plate
  • Handheld: (Jayoung)
  • Max 5 lbs
  • 8 hour battery life
  • Charging station: 115 volt AC
  • Charging time: 2 hours maximum
  • Thermal printer
  • Field replaceable paper roll
  • minimum 100 tickets printed per roll
  • 26 letter alphabet keypad
  • numeral keypad
  • Survive fall from 4 feet
Vehicle Restraint System (boot):
  • Prevent vehicle from leaving
  • Non-corrosive aluminum alloy
  • Cover lug nuts
  • Immobilize any of the 4 wheels
  • Non-damaging to wheels
  • Secure locking mechanism
Tow Truck:
  • Remove vehicle from location
  • Incur no damage to vehicle
  • Operate in a confined area
  • 30 minute response time
  • 5000lb towing capacity

notes from 11/4/04

11/4/04 Morning visit notes

Group briefing:
  • reports on cars (one in particular that was booted)
  • discuss boots and stolen boots
  • provide ticket count
  • discuss what the eng. psych. people are doing (us)
  • personnel update (new officer)
  • IPST parking, deal with broken gate. costs $15 to repair
  • gates broken, smashed card reader
  • might get uniforms worth $200 per person
  • roy and marcus at conference
  • brief on barricades use during last football game
  • a lot of agenda one-liners
  • remind people to take time writing citations, mistakes = wrong people.
  • W02 has been duped. make sure license is correct
  • xmas party
  • booted car. etw update caused car to be booted
  • starting vehicle maintenance log
  • lineup cars in the back of the office

We then performed a maintenance check on the vehicle.
Checks permits and tags.
Checks dumpsters behind frat houses (students often park in no parking zones)
Spotted out-of-state tennis players, asked where they parked. Told them of where they should park. Called in to notify parking that a visiting tennis team is parked on campus.

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