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Mission Statement (goal of the system)

Users: enforcement employees, parkers
Actor: parking enforcement system
Transformation: enforce rules and policies
Motivation: customer service, enforcement
Designers: Us, with the help of users and input
Environment: Parking office, parking lots at georgia tech.

Mission Statement:

To provide a parking enforcement system to provide parking enforcement on Georgia Tech campus. The system accomplishes this through the distribution of citations to offenders and monitoring of the premises by personnel.

System Requirements:

System requirements:
In general, all components of the system must be able to operate within the weather extremes of Atlanta.

Parking Control Officer PCO:
Communication System:
Electronic Ticket Writer ETW:
Vehicle Restraint System (boot):
Tow Truck:

notes from 11/4/04

11/4/04 Morning visit notes

Group briefing:

We then performed a maintenance check on the vehicle.
Checks permits and tags.
Checks dumpsters behind frat houses (students often park in no parking zones)
Spotted out-of-state tennis players, asked where they parked. Told them of where they should park. Called in to notify parking that a visiting tennis team is parked on campus.