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Jaroslav's Ride Alongs

11/4/04 Morning visit notes

Group briefing:
  • reports on cars (one in particular that was booted)
  • discuss boots and stolen boots
  • provide ticket count
  • discuss what the eng. psych. people are doing (us)
  • personnel update (new officer)
  • IPST parking, deal with broken gate. costs $15 to repair
  • gates broken, smashed card reader
  • might get uniforms worth $200 per person
  • roy and marcus at conference
  • brief on barricades use during last football game
  • a lot of agenda one-liners
  • remind people to take time writing citations, mistakes = wrong people.
  • W02 has been duped. make sure license is correct
  • xmas party
  • booted car. etw update caused car to be booted
  • starting vehicle maintenance log
  • lineup cars in the back of the office

We then performed a maintenance check on the vehicle.
Checks permits and tags.
Checks dumpsters behind frat houses (students often park in no parking zones)
Spotted out-of-state tennis players, asked where they parked. Told them of where they should park. Called in to notify parking that a visiting tennis team is parked on campus.
Looked at one car without a tag. Enter information into ETW. Nothing comes up. He enters another time and the car comes up with a previous violation. He fills in the information for the ticket, prints one, and puts it on the windshield.
Next car has a temporary tag. Enter into ETW. Nothing. Enter in 2 more times. Nothing. Call it in, the tag expires in 2 days.
Another temporary tag. Type it in, nothing. Do it 2 more times, again nothing. Call it in, expired over a month ago. The written date on the tag says sometime next week. Call in for a boot and camera. He fills out a form for booting, noting a slight scratch on the rear bumper. Boot guys arrive, they attach the boot and leave. Guy writes up a ticket for fake tag, and one for the boot. $150 total. Camera people come to photograph tag and plates.


We patrol several lots by walking around all the cars checking for missing tags or wrong lot tags, as well as anything that needs immediate attention. He doesn't write tickets for wrong lots until 8:00 am to give students time to move. We finally come to a lot with missing tags on a car. He types in the information and notices 2 prior tickets on the plates. The next ticket will result in a boot because it will be the car's third outstanding ticket, as well as having fines of over $100.
We move to W11 lot and begin scanning the cars. He needs to remember the code for the lot number when he writes tickets. We ticket two cars with missing tags. He mentions he wishes it would be easier to input the numbers into the system and makes a scanning motion with the device (he waves it close to a car's plates).

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