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JY's note from ETW analysis

1. ETW's usage at night : Display has self lighting system but the keypad does not have any light source. PCOs usually use flash light or car light.

2. Weight of ETW: Although I personally felt a lot of force is loaded on my wrist, and therefore very heavy to use, the PCOs said the weight was okay. There is a shoulder strip you can use to carry it. (Then I realized all the PCO's are male)

3. KeyPad: you can't wear glove when using keypad which is not good in winter.

4. Ways to input data
1) shortcut (press C) -> Enter Permit(7) -> Enter Tag(8) :: this process is really good to quickly check the status of the car. But it's not good when ticketing because this shortcut path does not provide error feedback
2) normal path :: you have to press twice for permit and tag, and the system finds out error for you. But it takes a long time.

5. We shortly discussed how to deal with the stolen permit

6. Common mistakes that officers make: ticketing to the wrong car. (when permit is used for different vehicle than the ones registered. you can pass your permit )

7. Laser Scanning possibility & problems
1) shade (permits are usually located behind ..urhh..i don't know the name in English)
2) how bright it is outside. Sometimes it's toooooo bright!
3) Angle of permit: they are not always hung straight.

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