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First Year DCCE

Tentative Schedule

Participants will meet at Georgia Tech on Saturdays (around six times within one year). See detailed meeting plans here.

Participant Cost

There is No COST to participate in this project. The DCCE project will pay for all meetings, participant travel costs, and material costs for experiments as well.

What it involves

Participants in this project are expected to
  • Attend about six bi-monthly/monthly meetings at Georgia Tech;
  • Conduct a mini research project in their own classroom (for first DCCE), or completing a course portolio for your introductory CS course;
  • Participate in the on-line forum of this project.
As well as committing to attending meetings and undertaking your experiment, these activities will involve:
  • Reading a small number of papers that will help in carrying out their experiments and enhancing their understanding on issues related to teaching introductory computer science;
  • Undertaking a peer observation of another participant, as well as being peer-observed by another participant in turn,
  • Reading and critiquing other participants'portfolios.

How to apply?

Application deadline for the first year's DCCE is Friday 12th, September 2008.Application Details

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