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Design & Intelligence Laboratory #2

The Design & Intelligence Laboratory is affiiliated with the Center for Biologically Inspired Design, the Graphics, Visualization and Usability Center, and the the Robotics and Intelligent Machines Center. A recent TEDx talk describes some of our research at the intersection of artificial intelligence and biologically inspired design.

Over the years, DIL's research has been generously supported by the National Science Foundation, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the Office of Naval Research, the Department of Homeland Security, and Northern Telecom, NCR, and NEC.

Current grants:

Teleological Reasoning in Adaptive Software Design. PI: Ashok Goel; Co-PI: Spencer Rugaber. NSF SoD Grant. 2007-present.

Systems and Cycles: Using Structure-Behavior-Function Thinking as a Conceptual Tool for Understanding Complex Natural Systems in Middle School Science. Department of Education (Institute of Educational Sciences). PI: Cindy Hmelo-Silver. Co-PIs: Ashok Goel, Rebecca Jordan & Spencer Rugaber. 2009-present.

Computational Tools for Enhancing Creativity in Biologically Inspired Design. NSF (CreativeIT). PI: Ashok Goel. Co-PIs: Bert Bras, Spencer Rugaber, Craig Tovey, Mark Weissburg & Jeannette Yen. 2009-present.

Biologically Inspired Design: A Novel Interdisciplinary Biology-Engineering Curriculum. NSF (TUES) PI: Jeanette Yen. Co-­PIs: Ashok Goel, Wendy Newstetter, David Rosen & Marc Weissburg.

Addressing Visual Analogy Problems on the Raven's Intelligence Test. NSF (IIS – Robust Intelligence) PI: Ashok Goel. Amount: $450K. August 2011 – August 2014.

Recent Grants

Learning about Causal Models of Complex Systems. PI: N. Hari Narayanan (Auburn); Co-PIs: Ashok Goel, Cindy Hmelo-Silver (Rutgers), Teresa Hubscher-Young (RPI) & Sadhana Puntambekar (Wisconsin). NSF SLC Catalyst Grant. 2003-05.

Multi-Modal Case-Based Reasoning in Modeling and Design. PI: Ashok Goel. NSF IIS Grant. 2005-09.

Visual Analytics. PI: William Ribarsky (UNCC); Georgia Tech PI: John Stasko, Georgia Tech Co-PIs: James Foley, Ashok Goel, Rebecca Grinter. DHS Grant under the auspices of NVAC (PNNL) and the Southeastern Regional Visual Analytics Center. 2006-09.

Learning about Complex Systems by Constructing Structure-Behavior-Function Models in Middle Schools. PI: Ashok Goel. Co-PI: Spencer Rugaber, Cindy Hmelo-Silver (Rutgers), and Rebecca Jordan (Rutgers). NSF ALT Grant. 2006-10.

Towards a Computational Model of Biological Analogies in Innovative Engineering Design. PI: Ashok Goel. NSF CreativeIT SGER Grant. 2008-09.

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