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This is a partial list of recent talks by members of the Design Intelligence Laboratory. It includes both paper presentations and invited talks.


Ashok Goel. Artificial Intelligence and Biologically Inspired Design. [ TEDx Talk. ]


Ashok Goel. Meta-Reasoning for Self-Adaptation. Invited talk presented to the AAAI-2010 Workshop on Meta-Cognition, Atlanta, July 2010. [pdf]

Ashok Goel. Reflection in Action. Invited talk presented to the AAAI-2010 Workshop on Goal-Directed Autonomy, Atlanta, July 2010. [pdf]

Josh Jones & Ashok Goel. Effects of Faulty Knowledge Engineering on Structured Classification Learning. Presentation at the AAAI-2010 Workshop on Abstraction, Reformulation and Approximation, Atlanta, July 2010. [pdf]

Maithilee Kunda, Keith McGreggor, & Ashok Goel (2010). Can the Raven's Progressive Matrices intelligence test be solved by thinking in pictures? Oral presentation given at 9th annual International Meeting For Autism Research (IMFAR), Philadelphia, PA. [pdf]



Maithilee Kunda & Ashok Goel. Thinking in Pictures: A fresh look at autism. Paper presented to the 30th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society (CogSci 2008), July 2008. [pdf]

Joshua Jones & Ashok Goel. Retrospective Self-Adaptation of Domain Knowledge via Perceptually-Grounded Semantics. Paper presented to the AAAI-08 Workshop on Metareasoning Chicago, IL, 2008. [pdf]



Ashok Goel. Exploring Design Innovation: The AI Method and Some Results. Invited talk to the NSF Workshop on The Scientific Basis for Individual and Team Innovation and Discovery, Washington, DC, May 2006. [pdf]

Ashok Goel. Design Innovation: An AI Perspective. Invited talk at NIST, Gaithersburg, Maryland, May 2006.

Patrick Yaner & Ashok Goel. From Diagrams to Models by Analogical Transfer. Paper presented to the 4th International Conference on the Theory and Application of Diagrams (Diagrams 2006), June 2006.

Patrick Yaner & Ashok Goel. From Form to Function: From SBF to DSSBF. Paper presented to the 2nd International Conference on Design Computing and Cognition (DCC-06), July 2006.


Jim Davies, Ashok Goel & Nancy Nersessian. Transfer in Visual Case-Based Problem-Solving. Paper presented to the 6th International Conference on Case-Based Reasoning, Chicago, August 2005.

Jim Davies & Ashok Goel.. Visual Analogy in Problem Solving: A Cognitive Model. Paper presented to the IJCAI-05 Workshop on Creativity, August 2005.

Joshua Jones & Ashok Goel. Structural Assignment Problem. Paper presented to the IJCAI-05 Workshop on Game Playing, August 2005

Ashok Goel. Model-Based Reflection and Self-Adaptation. Invited talk to the BBN Workshop on Reflective Autonomous Systems, Cambridge, Massachusetts, July 2005.


Joshua Jones & Ashok Goel. Revisiting the Credit Assignment Problem. Paper presented to the Proc. AAAI-2004 Workshop on Challenges in Game Playing, July 2004.

Patrick W. Yaner & Ashok Goel. Visual Analogy: Viewing Retrieval and Mapping as Constraint Satisfaction Problems. Paper presented to the Third International Conference on Visual and Spatial Reasoning in Design, July 2004.

Patrick W. Yaner & Ashok Goel. Visual Analogy: Reexamining Analogy as a Constraint Satisfaction Problem. Poster presented to the 26th Cognitive Science Conference, August, 2004.


Ashok Goel. SBF and TMK models for Story Understanding and Construction. Invited talk to the DARPA Workshop on Story Analysis and Construction, Phoenix, Arizina, April 2003. J. William Murdock & Ashok Goel. Localizing Planning using Functional Process Models. Paper presented to the International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling (ICAPS-03), June 2003.

Jim Davies & Ashok Goel. Representation Issues in Visual Analogies. Paper presented to the Proc. 25th Cognitive Science Conference, August 2003.

Jim Davies, Ashok Goel & Nancy Nersessian. Visual Re-Representation in Creative Analogies. Paper presented to the IJCAI-2003 Workshop on AI in Creativity, August 2003.

Ashok Goel. Meta-Case-Based Reasoning: Model-Based Reflection and Adaptation. Keynote address to the First Indian International Conference on AI, Hyderabad, India, December 2003.

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