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Grad School Musings

This page is a collection of thoughts (mostly humorous) on life as a graduate student.

My PhD Genealogy

My Erdos number is 4 via David L. Roberts -> Fred S. Roberts -> Frank Harary -> Paul Erdös or alternatively via Merrick Furst -> Larry J. Stockmeyer -> Miklós Ajtai -> Paul Erdös

A decision chart for PhD students. Created by Sarita Yardi.

Graduate students are like sprinters: Short, feverishly productive periods of work punctuate long periods of rest during which the student is "recuperating" mentally. For example, just look at the activity in a lab the week following a conference paper deadline.

On dissertations and dissertation research: The goal is to be finished, not famous. (The wise words of my former labmate Curt Clifton.)

Nerdiness of CS Grad Students

My Travels


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