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My PhD Genealogy

Brian J. Dorn, PhD (Computer Science), Georgia Institute of Technology, 2010
Dissertation: A Case-Based Approach for Supporting the Informal Computing Education of End-User Programmers
Mark Guzdial, PhD (Education & Computer Science), University of Michigan, 1993
Dissertation: EMILE: Software-Realized Scaffolding for Science Learners Programming in Mixed Media
Elliot M. Soloway, PhD (Computer Science), University of Massachussets-Amherst, 1978
Dissertation: Learning = Interpretation + Generalization: A Case Study in Knowledge-Directed Learning
Edward M. Riseman, PhD (Electrical Engineering), Cornell University, 1969
Dissertation: Feature detection networks in pattern recognition
arrow.gif (according to a research librarian at Cornell, Riseman's thesis chair was)
Henry David Block, PhD, Iowa State University, 1949
Dissertation: Explicit Solutions of Certain Singular Integral Equations
Henry Peter Thielman, PhD, The Ohio State University, 1929
Dissertation: Part I. On New Integral Addition Theorems for Bessel Functions and Series of the Hypergeometric Type: Part II. The Application of Functional Operations to a Class of Integral Equations Occurring in Physics
(from there the mathematics genealogy project tells us a lot)
Once we hit Germany, the multiple trails of advisors traces back through names like Gauss, Poisson, Fourier, Lagrange, and Euler. Even Ohm's (the ohm Ohm) little brother is in there.

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