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My Travels

Countries I've Visted

Austria - Summer 1997^
Australia - September 2008, ICER'08
England - Summer 1997; September 2006, ICER'06
France - Summer 1997
Germany - Summer 1997
Ireland - August 2006, vacation
Liechtenstein - Summer 1997
Switzerland - Summer 1997

^All Summer 1997 countries were part of a Nebraska Ambassadors of Music trip while I was in high school.

visited 9 states (4%)
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States Where I've Lived

Nebraska - born and raised, till age 11
Arizona - during middle school, till age 14
Nebraska - back for high school, till age 17
Pennsylvania - for a few months till college started summer 1998, age 18
Missouri - during undergrad at Northwest, till age 22
Iowa - for my masters at IA State, till age 24
Minnesota - while working at IBM, till age 25
Georgia - PhD at GA Tech, till age 30
Connecticut - working, till ?

This is why people should never ask, "Where are you from?" This is only part of the story since I didn't live in the same place in all of these states. Also, there are some summer stints in various states that aren't listed for clarity.

States I still need to visit, and airport layovers don't count

Rhode Island
Utah (I have had 4 layovers in Salt Lake though)

Essentially I'm missing only a couple random states in the continental US. Hopefully conference organizers can help me cross some of these off the list in the next few years.

All told, I've been to 44/50 (or 88%) of the States.

visited 44 states (88%)
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