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Atlanta Coffee Shops

Here's a small collection of Coffee Shops in the Atlanta metro that various people have recommended.

Rev Coffee

Located in Smyrna on Spring Rd. Live music, open mic nights, free wireless. Lots of tables and couches inside as well as some outdoor patio seating. More info at (recommended by: Dorn)

Sempre Coffee

Located in Smyrna on Atlanta Rd just ITP. Free wireless, good mo-jo, and fun people. You can read a little bit here (recommended by: Erika)

Caribou Coffee

Yes, it's a chain, but they have decent coffee and you can pretend you're in the rugged north because of their rustic decor. Known Caribou's are near Northside & Paces Ferry and at 10th & Peachtree, though I can't speak to whether they have open wireless access. (recommended by: Dorn)

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