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Welcome to Jeroo!

Jeroo is an effective, award winning, classroom-tested tool that helps novices learn fundamental concepts of object-oriented programming, including
  • Instantiating and using objects
  • Writing methods to extend behavior
  • Selecting and using fundamental control structures
Jeroo engages students with
  • Story telling
  • Animated execution
  • Simultaneous code highlighting

Current Version – 2.5 (Released December 2014)

This version contains two minor additions:
  • boolean "true" and "false" constants are now permissible in boolean expressions in all language styles
  • for consistency with other methods, the give() method can now be called with empty arguments. This has the same functional behavior as give(AHEAD) but allows for syntactic brevity

See the download page to get a copy today.


Jeroo was recipient of the 2004 Premier Award for Excellence in Engineering Education Courseware.

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