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Download Jeroo

System Requirements

Tested Platforms

Jeroo has been tested successfully on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS-X, Solaris, and several flavors of Linux.


Jeroo Software
Tutorial/Reference Manuals for version 2.4 (still valid for Jeroo 2.5)

Installing on Windows

  1. Extract the zip file to C:\Jeroo (or a directory of your choosing)
  2. Optionally, create a desktop shortcut to C:\Jeroo\Jeroo.jar using C:\Jeroo\Jeroo.ico as the icon.
  3. To run Jeroo double clickthe desktop icon you created or type java -jar C:\Jeroo\Jeroo.jar in a command window.

Installing on Other Platforms

  1. Extract the zip file to a suitable directory (jeroohome)
  2. Run Jeroo by typing java -jar jeroohome/Jeroo.jar in a command window, where jeroohome is the path to the directory where you extracted Jeroo.

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