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Benefits of Jeroo

The benefits of Jeroo are both perceived and objective.

Perceived Benefits

  • Jeroo engages students immediately.
  • Jeroo keeps the focus on a few crucial topics.
  • Students master important topics faster.
  • Jeroo stimulates decomposition and problem solving.
  • Jeroo encourages experimentation.
  • Students enjoy Jeroo.

Objective Benefits

Student satisfaction has been assessed via questionnaires that solicited demographic data and required that the students use a five-point Lickert scale to rate their confidence level, their level of comfort in the course, and the overall value of Jeroo. An analysis of the responses showed the following.
  • All students thought that working with Jeroo was valuable.
  • Female students rated the value of Jeroo higher did male students.
  • All gender and experience groups reported increased confidence and comfort.
  • The increases were markedly higher for female students.
Some instructors have reported decreased withdrawal rates after Jeroo was introduced.

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