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Activities & Assignments

This page contains some suggested activities and assignments but no solutions. Some of these have been contributed by current users. Feel free to download, modify and use these exercises with proper credit to the authors. Your only obligation is to share any interesting activities that you create by sending them to Each download is a zip file containing a complete description of the problem and, where appropriate, some island files for testing. This collection of activities will be updated periodically with your contributions.

As these activities demonstrate, Jeroo's activities are only limited by your imagination.

Download ALL Activities:

Beginning Activities

Eight activities that require no control structures. Methods are optional.
  1. The Letter 'J'
  2. Plant Your Initials
  3. Beautify the Island
  4. Look Homeward Angel
  5. The Relay Race
  6. Scavenger Hunt
  7. Imagination Island
  8. Artistic Landscapes
Download Beginning Activities:

Intermediate Activities

Hurdle Race: Moses jumps hurdles to find a flower.
Download Hurdle Race:

The Betrothal: Tom and Tammy pledge their love on a bridge.
Download The Betrothal:

Two Friends Meet: Bugs and Daffy plant flowers.
Download Two Friends Meet:

Advanced Activities

Pick All Flowers: Adam must gather all the flowers from the island.
Download Pick All Flowers:

The Maze: A Jeroo must find a flower hidden in a maze.
Download The Maze:

Walk The Lake: One Jeroo walks around a lake and another walks around an island in the lake.
Download Walk The Lake:

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