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For those of you who feel the need to ask "When are you going to be done with college?", this page documents my progress through the PhD program (where progress is defined as the number of completed milestones). While at Tech, I used plush M&M Star Wars figures for my hanging milestones.

MilestoneCompletedRepresented By
MS in CSAugust 2005
(I came to GT with my MS already)
CS 7001December 2005han.jpg
MinorOfficially, May 2006, though they were
all credits I had earned at ISU
Qualifying ExamNovember 8, 2006 in Learning Sciences & Technologydarth.jpg
Breadth CourseworkI turned in the final paper for my final course on December 13, 20007!
Dissertation ProposalFebruary 23, 2009. I am officially ABD.
Defense of Dissertation August 19, 2010
Final Submission of Dissertation August 24, 2010 – at least that's when I got the last signature. The forms were all submitted a couple days later. I guess I'm officially a Jedi now.

I'm finished, just in time to start my new job!!

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