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I don't consider myself a tea connoisseur, but others might. I just like tea. I'll just put here a few of the teas that I have.

  • Pu-erh, an earthy, musty tea that has become the staple of my tea collection
  • Peachy White, a black tea flavored with peach and vanilla [ Tealuxe ]
  • Lady Londonberry, a black tea flavored with strawberry and lemon. (I normally don't like fruity teas, but this one works well – the flavors don't overpower). [ Tealuxe ]
  • Black Currant
  • Peppermint (technically, this isn't a tea, but an herbal infusion)
  • Egyptian Chamomile (ditto. I normally don't like chamomile tea, but this batch is very fresh)
  • Jasmine Blossoms (normally jasmine blossoms are used to scent tea leaves (usually green, but sometimes black). They're very hard to find on their own, but if you steep them on their own, you get a very light and delicate infusion that's just wonderful.
  • Jasmine Pearl, a green jasmine tea in which the leaves are rolled into small "pearls" the unroll while the tea steeps
  • Genmaicha, a blend of sencha and toasted brown rice. This green tea has a great toasty flavor.
  • Lapsang Souchong, a black tea that is dried over smoking pine root, imparting a very smoky flavor to this tea. Some people describe it as drinking a campfire. It is definitely an acquired taste, but once you acquire it, you'll love this tea.
  • Ti Kwan Yin, an oolong tea with a distinct, nutty flavor.
  • Thai Iced Tea mix. I don't know if this variety of tea has a name, but if you brew the leaves (you'll need a coffee filter, its so fine!) and drink the tea plain, without adding the normal cream and sugar, you get a delicious tea.
  • ... and more that I still need to sort through...

See here for my description of the various Types of Tea.

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