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I love cooking. For me, the act of cooking is a relaxing event. There's just something about it that I find helps relieve the stress of the day. I think part of it is that I've never been a very creative person, but cooking gives me a chance to experiment with flavors and just see what happens. And most importantly, you get to eat the results and share them with friends.

At some point I plan to put some of my recipes here. I'll fill them in when I get motivated to do so. The problem is that I rarely directly follow any recipes for much of what I cook. While I do have recipes, if you were to follow exactly what's written down, you'd get something completely different from what I'd make. Cooking is an improvisational activity – the result depends on a combination of available ingredients and the mood of the chef.

My Recipes

Not My Recipes

I actually have a lot more recipes, but I'm just waay to lazy to put them down here. I've been meaning to update this page for almost well over a year now :-P

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