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Non-comment Line Counter

This is a utility that you can use to count non-comment lines of source code. Unlike wc -l, this utility will not count blank lines or lines in C++-style comment blocks. Here's an example of code on 10 lines, 4 of which contain actual code:

    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;

    // Add j to k and return the result
    int add(int j, int k) { return j + k; }

     * Subtract j from k and output the result to stdout.
    void subtract(int j, int k) { cout << k - j << endl; }

If you run the line counter on this file, you'll see the following output:

    Total number of files: 1
    Total number of lines: 10
    Non-comment lines: 4


lc <file(s)>

    % lc *.h *.cc
    Total number of files: 67
    Total number of lines: 13940
    Non-comment lines: 7286

Requirements and Downloads

You'll need to have python installed. This should work out of the box on any Mac OS X release since Jaguar (10.2) and on most distributions of Linux.

Just download lc and put it somewhere in your PATH.


This software is licensed under the GNU GPL

Last modified 8 March 2004 at 4:55 pm by eaganj