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Quick-n-dirty vCalendar merging

This python utility will let you merge a list of vCalendar files (such as are created by iCal) into a single vCalendar file. This is useful, for example, if you need to publish a single calendar but want to include events that you maintain on multiple calendars. For example, I publish my calendar via Augur, which wants only a single calendar, but I keep separate calendars in iCal for classes, meetings, and personal events. (Augur users on Mac OS X: you may also find this Applescript useful to merge your calendars and mail them to Joe – just edit the configuration options at the top of the file; if you put it in ~/Library/Scripts/Mail Scripts it will appear in the Scripts menu in

I use this python utility (called vcalmerge) to merge my calendars into a single calendar called Merged.ics. Just run it with the list of calendars to merge as arguments.


    % vcalmerge Classes.ics Meetings.ics Personal.ics


This software is licensed under the GNU GPL.

Last modified 20 August 2004 at 3:16 pm by eaganj